Mendeleev's table of the elements

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Mendeleev's table of the elements


This is a picture of the periodic table located adjacent to a statue of Dmitri Mendeleev in St. Petersburg. Mendeleev pioneered the structure of the table, which greatly increased understanding of chemical interactions. The periodic table is an example of Russian scientific exploration breaking new ground, setting the state for future progress. The only reason Mendeleev was not inducted into the Russian Academy of Sciences is moral objections due to his rapid remarriage following his divorce. The insight of periodicity in elemental behavior accurately predicted discovery of elements later on. Numerous distinctions awarded today are named after him. The Russian Academy of Sciences awards a medal named after Mendeleev to significant work each year in chemistry, there is a subway line named after him, and a chemistry university named after him. The amount of recognition he still gets 150 years afterwards shows how much his work in science is valued by the nation.



6 March 1869


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Kelly O'Neill

I am going to have to seek out this monument next time I am in Petersburg!

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