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South Ossetia is an autonomous republic in Georgia that declared independence in 2008. Only a few countries – in particular, Russia, which maintains a military presence in South Ossetia – recognize its independence.

Heavy fighting broke out…

Stalin was born in Gori, now a city in present-day Georgia, and spent his childhood there before traveling to Tbilisi to attend school on a scholarship. He was, however, expelled from the Georgian Orthodox Tiflis Spiritual Seminary after poor…

On April 9, 1991, a national referendum established Georgia’s independence from the Soviet Union. The news came to the Georgian people on a day meant to remember the April 9, 1989 “Tbilisi Massacre.” It was reported in the Los Angeles Times…

In 1783, the Treaty of Georgievsk was signed, between the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti, in Eastern Georgia, under King Irlaki II, and Russia, under Catherine II. The relationship was initiated by King Irlaki II. The major elements that came out of the…

In 1811, the Russian Orthodox Church takes over the Georgian Orthodox Church at the direction of Russian officials. Previously, the common Orthodox religion of Georgia and Russia had served as part of the means of bringing the two closer together.
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